Who we are

LETI Pharma was founded in Barcelona in 1919. We are now the leader and reference point in the areas of allergy, dermatology and immunology, in the development and production of vaccines and immunotherapies with allergens, as well as in the research and development of products for the care of atopic skin.

After the integration in 2015 of UNIVET, a spin-off of the Parque Científico [Scientific Park] of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona [Autonomous University of Barcelona] founded in 2001, LETI Pharma Animal Health is leading a project that combines the knowledge in veterinary allergology and dermatology provided by the UNIVET team with the experience and research in immunology and vaccines provided by LETI Pharma. Bringing the two companies together is a way of looking to the future with a "One Health" vision, specialising in the development of innovative products and services in the areas of Dermatology and Immunology.

In Animal Health, we have the clinical and laboratory experience of our team, combined with the reliability of diagnostic tests, which are key in offering a personalised and high-quality service aimed at providing veterinarians with answers.

We are specialists in immunotherapy, developing specific, safe personalised treatments to control allergies in pets. Our extensive experience in Dermatology has also allowed us to develop the LETI+Derma line, a range of innovative products for skin care and controlling the main diseases, like allergic dermatitis or keratoseborrheic disorders.

Lastly, we are leaders in Leishmaniasis research, in the human and veterinarian field of health. With over 25 years' experience, we are the first European laboratory to have developed a safe and effective recombinant vaccine to prevent canine Leishmaniasis.


Our vision is to become the reference laboratory on an international level in the areas of Dermatology, Allergies, Immunology and Diagnoses, offering innovative solutions to veterinarians in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of relevant diseases in pets, such as Allergy and Leishmaniasis.


To contribute to the increased health and wellbeing of pets in conjunction with human health with zoonotic diseases. Creating added value for veterinarians, providing them with advice from a veterinary team who are experts in dermatology, as well as contributing to the personal and professional training and development of people collaborating with our team.


Together with the mission and vision, the values of LETIPharma reflect the identity of the group and are a declaration of our principles of conduct.


LETIPharma has the experience of a company with a hundred years in business. It has its roots in immunology and currently holds the commitment to be the reference point in the field of Animal Health.


Experts in veterinary diagnosis and consultancy in the fields of dermatology and allergies.


The success factor in the history and future of LETIPharma is based on the human team: expert professionals committed to the company's mission.


Research and specialisation are part of the essence of LETIPharma. Our objective is to offer veterinarians innovative solutions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases with high incidence rates in pets, such as allergies and Leishmaniasis.