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LetiFend®: vaccine against canine leishmaniasis


Excellent tolerability shown in a wide range of breeds and ages.


72% prevention of canine leishmaniasis in areas at high risk of infection by Leishmania infantum.


A single annual dose confers immunity for 365 days.


Protection against development of the disease from 28 days after vaccination.


Specific immune response to vaccination that does not interfere with the serological diagnosis of the disease.

Efficacy confirmed in laboratory studies

Different laboratory studies conducted with experimental infection with Leishmania infantum showed that LetiFend®:

  • Reduces development of the disease.
  • Reduces clinical signs.
  • Reduces parasite load in the spleen and lymph glands.
  • Protects from 28 days.
  • Duration of immunity: 1 year.

LetiFend® reduces the risk of developing clinical leishmaniasis

A dog vaccinated with LetiFend® presents:

Vaccination with LetiFend® does not interfere with the diagnosis of leishmaniasis

LetiFend®, a DIVA (Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals) vaccine which allows discrimination between vaccinated and infected animals.

  • Serums of animals vaccinated with LetiFend® were subject to the serological tests most widely used for the diagnosis of Leishmaniasis (ELISA, IIF and snap tests).
  • The results showed that none of the evaluated tests were positive after analysis of the serums.

LetiFend® enables the vaccination of a population of animals susceptible to catching the disease without compromising their subsequent serological diagnosis.

Recombinant technology: innovation in prevention

Recombinant vaccines are part of a new strategy and have been designed to ensure a targeted and effective immune response with a high level of safety.

Discover how protein Q, the active substance in the LetiFend® vaccine, was developed

Innovation against canine Leishmaniasis

  • LetiFend®, a product obtained through recombinant DNA technology, the active substance of which is Protein Q.
  • Protein Q, the active substance in LetiFend®, is a protein obtained by a combination of 5 highly antigenic fragments, fused and cloned in E. coli, from 4 Leishmania infantum proteins.