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LETI+Derma: Pomegranate extract line

for the frequent care of sensitive skin

The pomegranate-extract line comprises different families of bioflavonoids. One of these is punicalagins, which are active polyphenols with beneficial properties for the skin. This line also contains a base which is rich in vitamin A (retinol), Aloe Vera and other medicinal plants that moisturise and soothe.


Soothes and inhibits the activity of mast cells and basophils, preventing the release of inflammatory mediators (1).


Aids the proliferation of keratinocytes and procollagen synthesis (4,5,6).


Reduces free radicals and the lipid peroxidation that occurs in damaged skin (3).

Dermatological shampoo pomegranate extract

  • Indication: Frequent washing of sensitive and irritated skin in adult dogs and puppies.
  • Use: Frequent use as indicated by the veterinarian.
  • 500 ml

Dermatological lotion pomegranate extract

  • Indication: Frequent care of sensitive and irritated skin in adult dogs and puppies.
  • Use: Apply after washing or between washes to prolong the pomegranate extract's effect on the skin.
  • 200 ml

Otic cleanser pomegranate extract

  • Indication: Cleansing and maintenance of sensitive and irritated ears.
  • Use: Physiological cleansing of healthy ears (1 application every 10–15 days).
    Preventive cleansing in breeds prone to allergy (1 application every 10–15 days).
    Cleansing after treatment for infectious otitis (1 application every 5–7 days).
  • 125 ml

Dermatological cream pomegranate extract

  • Indication: Care for areas of the skin that are hard to access. Sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Use: Apply 2–3 times/week until remission of clinical signs and once a week as maintenance treatment.
  • 50 ml